The EU has assumed ambitious targets and strategies for the promotion of renewable sources of energy (RES) binding to all its member states. This report examines the proposed EU-wide policy instrument designed to help achieve the targets on renewable electricity and heat - the trading of Guarantees of Origin

Climate change represents one of the humanity

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board was established in 2007. But what is the policy of regulation in this sector? What are the entities involved? How do they function? How can they be efficiently regulated?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called a meeting of the full Planning Commission on Saturday to discuss the integrated energy policy and deliberate on the country

Atul Aneja

The grand American neoconservative enterprise of controlling Iraqi oil is facing its most serious crisis.

New approach: Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain Al Shahristani

Fuel economy: turf war or guerrilla ambush It can get as bad as not having any money left to buy oil. Increased oil demand from rapidly growing cars can make it worse. Yet there is no sign of official agreement on who must take the lead to draft fuel economy regulations for cars to get more miles out of a litre of fuel burnt. When the push for these regulations came about two years ago from

A committee recommends rationalization of diesel and petrol prices The long awaited pricing formula for petroleum products to bail out the oil industry from impending bankruptcy has been tabled. If put into effect this prescription can correct distorted prices of automotive fuels of petrol and diesel and halt misuse of under-taxed and under-priced diesel by the car sector. This is

Wind energy continues to be the dominant source of renewable power in India. About 8000 MW of wind power capacity has been installed in the country so far. As against this, the share of solar power is abysmally low mainly due to its high initial capital cost and thus, a higher cost of per unit power generation.

Climate change represents one of the humanity

This report examines the history and status of the biofuel industry in Malaysia, focusing on government support policies.