Orlando Wagner and Jochen Hauff compare the booming renewables market with other sectors where a boom has been followed by a bust, on the lookout for danger signals. They conclude that the renewable energy sector has strong foundations - but does have some areas of vulnerability, which they examine in detail.

There are 229 identified coal blocks for allocation to specified end users and government companies on display on the website of Ministry of Coal. Till May 2008, as many as 182 coal blocks have been allocated to eligible companies. So far, production has commenced only in 13 blocks.

After harsh contention the conservative and social democrats forming the fractious German government have agreed on a revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act that regulates clean power promotion. Dispute was sharpest over provisions of photovoltaics.

the Bangladesh government is mulling over not giving out new gas connections as a measure to check the depleting supply in the country. The measure comes at a time when the demand of gas is increasing everyday in the country.

THE bicycle rickshaws that weave through New Delhi's narrow lanes have long been scorned by authorities here for congesting the city's already fierce traffic. The creaking carriages crawl alongside luxury sedans, book hawkers, horse-drawn carts, hulking buses and cows, said a report published in The Washington Post. In this city and the other quickly modernizing capitals of South Asia, governments have called the rickshaws backward, embarrassing symbols of the Third World.

Price is just the start of it. We need to kick the petroleum habit or we'll soon be in real trouble, says Ian Sample.

Don't imagine that pumping more oil will get us out of our current mess, argues Matthew R Simmons - dealing with the addiction is the only option.

Pune, June 26 Showing a half-hearted approach in its decisions, the standing committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday withdrew a decision that it had passed last week. The committee pulled out the contract of installing modern street lighting energy management system from one of the three private companies. The project is to be carried out on a number of city roads under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

Jeddah: Finance minister P Chidambaram on Sunday made a case for oil producing nations to step up output and regulate prices failing which developing nations stood to lose their hard-earned

Pakistan introduces daylight saving time to battle power shortage: In a bid to reduce load shedding, the Pakistani government on May 14 announced that the country will forward its clock by an hour