The Swedish government has approved a discount to motorists who switch to environment-friendly cars. The rebate of 10,000 kroner (us $1,430), which began from April 1, 2007, will continue till

the European Union (eu) and the us state of California recently announced the first-ever fuel standards to regulate greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions. On January 9, 2007, California governor Arnold

a committee set up on March 5, 2007, to investigate a toxic spill by a paint manufacturing unit in south Kashipur near Agartala, submitted its report on March 22 after failing to meet the original

China has stopped fixing annual targets for saving energy and controlling pollution. Instead, from 2007 onwards, the country will have five-year targets. The move came after the country'

with the Indian economy growing at a breathtaking pace, the urban Indian consumer has never had it so good. There are more cars, more ipods, more mobile phones than what anybody could have imagined

Energy insecurity is India s latest tryst with her post liberalised destiny. It began in July 2006. Crude oil prices rose to all time peak, at US $79 a barrel. In India, retail prices of petrol and diesel rose, respectively, 59.6 per cent and 78.8 per cen

This publication provides stimulating analysis on future scenarios of energy use, which focus on a range of technologies that are expected to emerge in the coming years and decades. There is now universal recognition of the fact that new technologies and much greater use of some that already exist provide the most hopeful prospects for mitigation of emissions of GHGs.

We know that energy consumption in the European Union (eu) is rising everyday. Also, eu wastes at least 20 per cent of the energy it uses. The total energy production in Europe in 2004 was 2.4

The overall goal of this policy is to contribute to rural poverty reduction and environmental conservation by ensuring access to clean, reliable and appropriate energy in the rural areas. In order to achieve this goal, the

Since its origins as a fuel blendstock in the 1980s, ethanol production in the United States has primarily been a creature of public policy.