www.energystar.gov/homeadvisor This site will come in handy for US consumers facing higher heating costs, this winter. Devised by the country's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it gives

The European Commission on October 15 approved a one-year extension of anti-dumping duties on imports of energy-saving light bulbs from China, despite protests from environmentalists, leading bulb

This paper looks at the major problems faced by the wind industry in India. It then tries to address some of the reasons why the attitude of many people is either hostile or indifferent to this technology.

compact fluorescent lamps (cfls) may become cheaper in India. The Union ministry of power is contemplating a scheme to popularise cfls. Called

Conventional thinking has it that combating climate change will be a drain on the global economy. But Barclays Capital, a leading investment bank in the us, has recently said that combating

As the first South American energy summit finished in the third week of April in the Caribbean island of Margarita, Venezuela, participant countries agreed to set up an energy council to follow up

The Swedish government has approved a discount to motorists who switch to environment-friendly cars. The rebate of 10,000 kroner (us $1,430), which began from April 1, 2007, will continue till

the European Union (eu) and the us state of California recently announced the first-ever fuel standards to regulate greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions. On January 9, 2007, California governor Arnold

a committee set up on March 5, 2007, to investigate a toxic spill by a paint manufacturing unit in south Kashipur near Agartala, submitted its report on March 22 after failing to meet the original

China has stopped fixing annual targets for saving energy and controlling pollution. Instead, from 2007 onwards, the country will have five-year targets. The move came after the country'