The world's highest energy consuming country, the us , has done little to promote renewable energy. Being one of the major emitters of heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide, the us would be

Most household electronic devices waste a lot of energy doing simply nothing

IN THE wake of the devastating energy crisis, energy- related issues were catapul- ted onto the geopolitical agenda as one of the main issues affecting the global economy. But as the spot price of

Will 2 time zones help India function at peak efficiency?

Nuclear energy will enable India to meet the twin challenges of energy security and environmental sustainability. It will also have major spin-offs for the development of the industries, both public and private. The 123 Agreement between India and United States of America would put an end to technology denial regimes against India that have been in place for three decades and end India's nuclear isolation. It will open the doors for India to have civil nuclear cooperation as an equal partner with the USA and the rest of the world.

After billionaire businessmen, it is the turn of companies from India to shine on Forbes radar with as many as 48 firms making it to a list of the world's biggest companies compiled by the US magazi

A global switch to efficient lighting will reduce electricity bills by one tenth

In this day of television grabs, policies are about slugfests. The logic of the grab is that any discussion must be heated, with sharply divided positions clear proponents and opponents. It is a

We got off the train at Abu Road station in Rajasthan to visit two cement plants located in the nearby district of Sirohi. The drive was predictable dry stretches interspersed with marginal

Create a culture that places a premium on human power