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The Government has given the go-ahead to Mangalore Power Company (MPC) in Karnataka without assessing the environmental impact of the project, according to a report by the National Environmental

Twenty new coal suply limkages have been cleared for new power projects being set up by state electircity boards, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and Damodar Valley Corporation.

North China's Shanxi Province will build or expand ten large power plants at a cost of 70 billion yuan over the next few years. The province hopes to increase power generating capacity by 830,000 kw

Shell and Mobil have pulled out of a vast project to pipe gas from the Amazon jungles to the coast of Peru. The oil companies walked away from signing an agareement with the government after

The Andhra Pradesh government is in the process of studying various suggestions to introduce mandatory energy audit scheme for the industrial sector. The scheme, currently being evaluated by

The Punjab State Electricity Board has incurred power generation loss of Rs 6 crore following the desilting of the hydel channel. This was against the advide of the Chief Engineer, Canal, Punjab,

Panel : A Parliamentary committee on energy has expressed disappointment over the inadequate budgetary provision for the national project on biogas development during the Ninth Plan.

An ingenious arrangement that has encouraged Russia to convert its stockpiles of bomb grade uranium into much less dangerous civilian reactor fuel and earn precious cash in the process could soon be

India and Russia signed a crucial contract on Monday to kick start the deal on the construction of a nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu. Under the contract, signed by the Managing

The Rural Development Minister, Mr. M.P. Prakash, who is also the Minister in charge of Bellary district, has called a meeting of the representatives of Karnataka Power Corporation in Bangalore on