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OCTOPUSES, sting rays and other marine creatures may soon have their first encounter with a personal computer (PC). Bruce W Macdonald, a marine engineer at the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Ever since humans learnt to make shelters, they knew how to regulate sunlight to heat or cool buildings.

Remember how Hansel and Gretel followed a trail of bread crumbs back home? Australian scientists have engineered an industrial robot that spits out camphor, which it can later detect and follow. The

OIL-EATING bacteria, useful in cleaning up slicks, will soon have water wings, helping to keep them afloat in water. Using gene-splicing techniques, researchers at the University of Massachusetts,

New fossils discovered in Siberia indicate that marine life evolved over much less time than thought by scientists.

DON'T KEEP guns at home for the temptation to use them may be too strong to control. According to a recent US study, firearms kept at home increase by three times the risk of murder by a family

Sugar mills need to invest only an additional Rs 2.3 crore to generate 1 MW of power, whereas conventional power generation from coal costs Rs 3 crore per MW, reports a task force constituted by the

With aerospace technologies set to revolutionise engine and body design, today's cars could become as obsolete as dinosaurs.

Virtual reality has done it again. It is now possible to watch a filmed "tour" of the Abbey of Cluny in France in all its splendour. The abbey, which was built in the 10th century, was among the

Scientists claim highly insulating windows called "Low E emissivity " windows could save considerable amounts of power in developing countries.