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A New York based energy company, armed with rights to a patent on a gasoline substitute made mostly out of trash, is now laying the groundwork to launch the fuel commercially in the United States.

India is rapidly learing to absorb the benefits of energy from the sun as the country producers solar roses and even uses the energy to power incubators for premature babies. In a unique project, a

The World Bank has announced a $60 million loan to support the first phase of power sector restructuring and development programme in Haryana, which aims at meeting power requirement for the

The World Bank is set to launch a new financial instrument with a $600 million adaptable loan to restructre Haryana's power sector. The loan is designed to lengthen the Bank's lending periods and cut

The Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd (GPC) either relaxed norms or waived conditions to facilitate clearances for land-based small power stations, the former chief minister and the leader of the

German environmentalists hailed a Berlin court ruling which threw out an attempt to reopen a DM7bn nuclear power station near Koblenz on the Rhine that has stood silent for almost 10

North American power industry executives believe increased competition from more open markets is bringing financial benefits to larger companies, but more than half of today's companies are expected

More than 50 per cent of the liquid fuel based units of independent power producers (IPPs) have signed fuel supply agreements (FSA) with public sector oil

Narora Atomic Power Station became the first ever nuclear plant in the country to achieve a high targeted power in a year by generating 1754.91 million units during the last calendar

Banana leaves can now be converted into an energy-rich fuel. Resear