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Germany's new government presented parliament with plans to increase energy taxes from April 1 and pledged to use its European Union presidency in the first half of next year to push a similar

The Falkland Islands nascent oil boom fizzled after Royal Dutch/Shell reported that its second well drilled north of the islands in the south Atlantic was dry. The Fitzroy-1 wildcat well was the last

The Union Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) has initiated steps to encourage State Governments to tap the nearly one lakh megawatt electric power potential waiting to be harnessed in

Fore energy efficiency and services approach to become operational, the World Bank has extended further assistance of $130 million to India. Out of this $20 million would be utilised for energy

The Centre today justified in Delhi High Court the Panna-Mukta oilfield deal with Reliance-Enron Consortium saying the joint venture would fetch the Government additional $379 millions than that the

The Government is considering a cutback in oil production at Bombay High, the country's largest oilfield, for two years in order to carry out an exercise to restore

Investors looking at Asian power projects will probably find the best opportunities in China, an official from the Export-Import Bank of Japan said on

China has taken wind power as an important source of electricity, and expects wind power stations to have a total generating capacity of one million kw by the year 2000. According to a senior

The European Union's spending watchdog savaged the EU's eight-year old programme to improve nuclear safety, potraying it as wasteful, plagued by muddled strategy and staff shortages, and ineffective.

Construction of nuclear power stations would become economically viable if tradeble pollution permits were introduced to combat global warming, Peter Hollins, chief executive of Britain's biggest