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Scientists and engineers from various parts of the world will meet in the Doon Valley at an International Sumposium to be held at the Indian Institute of Petroleum on the subject of catalysis. The

French multinational Gaz de France has submitted a proposal to the Government for a $1 billion mega power project in Gujarat, using liquified natural gas (LNG) as fuel. "We propose to set up

Following the dictum that some power is better than no power, the government of Tamil Nadu seems to have reconciled to accepting National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) decision to give only 30

After 87 years of alternating exuberance and disappointment the world's first super conducting power line is about to become a reality. A superconducting line is one that will conduct huge electrical

The Royal Dutch/Shell group has been ranked by the Fortune magazine as the number one of the petroleum refining sector. The criteria on which the ranking was done included : overall management

After several years of delay, the 2000 mw nuclear power project at Koodankulam has shown signs of take-off. Russian and Indian nuclear engineers have started working on a $57 million Detailed Project

Punjab's single largest Central sector project, a Rs 16,000 crore grassroot refinery project at Bhathinda, has overcome all obstacles and is set to take off on November 11, when the Prime Minister,

Andhra Pradesh is set to overhaul its power sector and introduce phased privatisation. With President K R Narayanan recently giving assent to the contentious power reforms bill, power reforms in the

The prospect of an energy tax on business grew closer after the idea was endorsed by the UK government taskforce investigating ways of reducing business emissions of greenhouse gases. "My conclusion

A new UNDP project receiving $557,000 in funding from the Japanese government will support the spread of rural electrification in Syria through the use and development of solar energy and the