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The centre is planning intensive use of solar energy to ensure continuous power supply. In the Ninth Plan the ministry of non-conventional energy plans to commercialise and develop entrepreneurship

Seven companies are in the race for setting up two projects near Chennai to generate power from municipal solid waste. The state-owned Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) intends

A new 4.75 MW plant generating power from wastes would become operational in Nagpur within 18 months. A memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Nagpur Municipal Corporation and the

The International Energy Agency signed a Declaration of Co-operation with the Government of India covering major areas in the energy field. The declaration is similar to agreements the IEA signed

Nambiar promises a fight: Mr. K.P.P. nambiar, Chairman of the Kannur Power Project Ltd, promoters of the 513 MW mega power project at Irinav near Kannur, has promised to fight till the end the Kerala

Every kid knows that E=mc 2 . But this time, physicists are working backwards, converting energy into matter

The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plans to generate 99,000 million units of electricity during the current financial year 1998-99 with an availability factor of 84 per cent from its coal

Ukraine is to launch a worldwide appeal for $358m to make safe the cracking "sarcophagus" shielding the Chernobyl reactor which blew up 12 years ago. Ukraine has already secured $400m in aid pledges

The Union ministry for non-conventional energy sources has engaged AEA Technology of Britain to study the feasibility of setting up two power projects that will use vegetable wastes as fuel. The

The West Bengal government is setting up a separate corporation for promotion and implementation of rural energy development work in the state. The first of its kind in the contry, the new