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JAPAN must get its act together on the energy front, says the International Energy Agency (iea). In a news conference organised in Tokyo in mid-June, Robert Priddle, director of the iea warned that

A $91 million electricity generation plant, jointly financed by a French construction firm and the Ivorian government, promises to metamorphose the west African nation of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

A new battery, made only of solid materials charges into the market

It's an Algerian SOS for protecting its energy-rich desert areas from Muslim militant attacks. It has already imposed strict controls on movements within its energy production zones. In a radio

Is a free trade area for the Americas "band aid types" solution?

A 5-mw power plant fuelled by municipal garbage is being set up in south Madras. The project is a joint venture between the Newam Power Company Ltd and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development

Bioresources, the energy and raw materials derived from plants and animals, could help end poverty.

THE Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (ireda), the financing arm of the Union ministry of nonconventional energy sources, is finalising a US$ 100 million assistance package from the

Does rural fuelwood use and more generally rural biomass use cause forest degradation? This question has been debated in scientific and policy circles. The author presents a framework for defining degradation and sustainable use of forests that might help clarify some of the confusion.

The ministry of non-conventional energy sources (MNES) has recently commenced a $5.5 million project, funded by the Global Environmental Facility, to convert municipal and industrial waste into