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Gujarat on Monday became the third state after Orissa and Haryana to initiate reforms in the power sector, with the state government deciding to set up a state electricity regulatory commission.The

The Union power industry has drawn up a vision plan for the power sector which includes setting up additional capacity of around 80,000 mw in the next two years, an improved thermal -hydel mix,

Two-day conferences on 'Energy efficiency and management' and 'policy framework for the power sector', besides a one-day conference on 'renewable energy' are the highlights of the third Energy Summit

As against its earlier stand of levying a cess on consumption of power, the ministry of power has now decided to levy a cess on power generation. The proceeds of this will go into the kitty of

The Union government has drawn up a plan to provide power on demand to consumer of all categories by 2010. The plan, outlined in the Power Vision India -- 2010 document released by power minister

The ASSOCHAM blueprint for renovation and modernisation of power plants has recommended formulation of an integrated national R&M policy backed by comprehensive rehabilitation and redeployment

The Heavy Water Plant (HWP), Tuticorin, has bagged two prestigious awards for industrial safety and best performance for the year 1997-98, according to an official press release. The released said

The Ministry of Water and Power in Pakistan has finalised a power sector restructuring programme for the World Bank which would be presented to the Bank's Mission today (Friday). "We have detailed

Scientists and engineers from various parts of the world will meet in the Doon Valley at an International Sumposium to be held at the Indian Institute of Petroleum on the subject of catalysis. The

French multinational Gaz de France has submitted a proposal to the Government for a $1 billion mega power project in Gujarat, using liquified natural gas (LNG) as fuel. "We propose to set up