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Ice that burns could provide immense energy A! future, if only scientists co figure out how to g ground. Gas hydrate, mainly fro methane, may contain twicel much energy as all fossil

Calvin R Brunner is one of these writers who has his head so - in technical details that he loses sight of "m pactum While his JAmandous Waste nnimina, displays an 1&g knowledge of

An electricity generating wind turbine system for installation on roofs of urban homes has been designed by UK energy consultant Derek Taylor (Wind Power Monthly, Vol 11, No 7).

THE controversy over the 1,000 megawatt Cogentrix power projecr in Mangalore, Karnataka, has come to an end with the Centre formally giving its approval to the project in principle and the

The widespread and diverse use of gobar in Indian society stands up to every principle of good environmentalism. Cowdung is a waste product. Yet, instead of being looked down upon, it is highly respected

Simmering rocks found several kilometres beneath the earth's surface hold the potential to meet our power needs

JAPAN must get its act together on the energy front, says the International Energy Agency (iea). In a news conference organised in Tokyo in mid-June, Robert Priddle, director of the iea warned that

A $91 million electricity generation plant, jointly financed by a French construction firm and the Ivorian government, promises to metamorphose the west African nation of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

A new battery, made only of solid materials charges into the market

It's an Algerian SOS for protecting its energy-rich desert areas from Muslim militant attacks. It has already imposed strict controls on movements within its energy production zones. In a radio