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The Union power ministry may clamp down on the tariff structure of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) -- the country 's largest generating company. Together with the Central Electricity

India has teamed up with Finance to beat unofficial US-sponsored curbs against trade in Indian nuclear power plant (NPP) technology. Following an agreement with Finance earlier this year which

The Gujral Government has signed off by ironing out some major glitches relating to the four remaining fast-track power projects held up for years. Simultaneously, it has put together a 40-page set

The wind energy potential in India is around 20,000 MW in 11 states and the country's power shortfall of nearly 6000 MW can be substituted by wind energy, according to the Indian Wind Turbine

The US Government has put forward a new proposal for a triparty science and technology forum which will concentrate on environmental and energy issues. The forum would initiate a dialogue with

After years of negotiations, the United States and Ukraine agreed to a nuclear cooperation deal that will prevent a Ukrainian company from providig a key component to a nuclear reactor Russia is

A recent study undertaken by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) has brought to light that the quantum of transmission and distribution losses in the country far exceeds the actual

India is needed to increase its energy production by more than 10 times to meet the demand of growing population and rapid industrialisation , stated Prof J B Chowdhury, Vice-Chancellor of CCSHA

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) closed the consultation period on its draft Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations for offshore oil and gas activity. It aims to implement the European

Greenpeace applied to the Minister of Commerce for permits covering all remaining offshore oil exploration areas of New Zealand, as part of its campaign to protect the climate from global warming.