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Three fast track projects including the 1040 mw Cogentrix would be made ready this week for Finance Ministry's consideration to give counter

The ministry of non-conventional energy sources on Tuesday approved the establishment of the National Institute of Renewable Energy (NIRE) at

The Government will shortly seek a Cabinet decision to reverse its position on the granting of counter guarantee for the water supply risk in the 1,082 mw Ispat powered $1.3 billion Bhadrawati fast

The stage is now set for starting work on the Rs 1,200 crore Kondapalli power project of 355 mw near Vijayawada, with the signing of the fuel supply

The Pacific Swan carrying high level reprocesed waste departed from the French port of Cherbourg, heading to

A controversial scheme to start a $300m plant for processing plutonium into nuclear fuel at British Nuclear Fuel's Sellafield complex in north-west England moved closer to winning approval from the

The Supreme Court pulled up the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board (UPSEB) for its failure to provide uninterrupted power supply to the ambient air quality monitoring stations at the Taj Mahal and

Greenpeace criticised French nuclear company Cogema for ignoring growing public and political opposition by moving ahead with its plans for transporting high level radioactive waste from France to

The Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) at Kalpakkam is to be expanded by installing a new 500 MW fast breeder reactor at a cost of Rs. 2,700 crores by

Unseasonal winter showers have forced 22 power stations to cut down on generation, led to stockpiling of coal and resulted in loss of earnings in the entire energy sector, even as parts of the