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Recent evidence suggests that the muskox, believed to have become extinct 10,000 years ago, may have actually survived till much later.

AS THE global warming debate heats up, scientists are looking towards the most unlikely source for clues -- penguins. They suspect the availability of fish on which penguins feed is increasing in the

Paralysing geneUS SCIENTISTS have homed in on a gene defect linked to a debilitating nerve disorder known as Lou Gehrig's disease (Cambridge University Alumni Magazine). The disease, a celebrated

A team of Russian scientists have found in mice a gene, which, unlike others, decides when to express itself

THE JUNGLES of Vietnam hide a hitherto undescribed mammal. Basing their claim on remains such as skins, skulls and teeth recovered from local hunters, zoologists reckon an adult specimen of the

Israeli scientists claim to have devised a cheap way to generate electricity in deserts near the coast by using sea water. The method can also be modified to desalt sea water and use it for desert

The US senate is in a dilemma because every alternative they have thought up to the contentious energy tax has received loud protests from some section of the American public.

IN JANUARY 1935, the monthly meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society in London was unusually acrimonious. A young researcher from India, Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar, had presented a paper in

FEARS that oil demand would decline because of a US-proposed energy tax have been expressed by delegates at a meeting of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The Clinton

UNDER pressure from influential figures in the US congress, the Clinton administration has exempted ethanol and methanol from the proposed energy tax. The tax is to be levied at 25.7 cents per