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Stirling Dynamics Ltd, Chennai, have come up with a new engine, the

• The need to check poaching of migratory birds at the Pong sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh has recently been stressed upon by a forest officer who has conducted a six-year-long study in the area.

Fuel from plastic wastes and chemicals from grains: researchers in UK experiment with innovative substitutes

search for a substitute: To ascertain the viability of propane as an

The number of institutions trying to integrate environmental concerns with economics is still small in India, especially given the size of the country and the diversity of its environmental problems and challenges, but a small beginning has already been made. This volume presents the proceedings of the national environment and economics meeting held in January 1994, in New Delhi.

Saltwater power, the energy that is generated when river water converges with seawater, is being

The world s first lignite based power plant in Madras offers a viable alternative to high cost natural gas and to coal based plants which emit greenhouse gases

India s herbal fuel travels from disbelief to certainty and finally rests in commotion

The Exxon Corp, US, has landed in the dock again. This time the case it is facing is a suit filed by the Federal Trade Commission against its advertising which claims that its gasoline makes engines

even as the scientific fraternity is investigating the effectiveness of the