Public perception of health and safety standards mean more than money

Linking trade and environment benefits industrialised countries in every way. And they will promote their civil society to create a bigger and bigger fuss about it

The cost of environmental degradation is rising steeply in India, says the World Bank

The insurance market can become an invaluable weapon to protect the environment against errant industrial units

Green tax measures are welcomed in various states of America

The number of institutions trying to integrate environmental concerns with economics is still small in India, especially given the size of the country and the diversity of its environmental problems and challenges, but a small beginning has already been made. This volume presents the proceedings of the national environment and economics meeting held in January 1994, in New Delhi.

Western institutions and the United Nations are keen protagonists of natural resource accounting but it may still not be a useful policy tool for planners to promote sustainable development. Experience in the Philippines has shown that only an elaborate c

Many economists now argue that nature cannot be the provider of a perpetual free lunch. It's time to account for natural resource degradation while drawing up balance sheets

The government is basing economic policies on rough calculations of the value of trees

The environment audit for industries purports to make industries accountable to the public for their actions