Plants affected by pollution are increasingly being used for indicating pollution levels

Pesticides pollution threatens the aquatic life of the Ganges, especially the Gangetic dolphins

In a move that will see the world's deepest oils drilled off the East African coast, the Kenyan government has signed an exploration treaty with a uk- based company. Although the move is likely

Poor management of Nigeria's environment is costing the country around us $5 billion a year in ruined land and lost forests, an

Conservationists in Brazil have got some success in their struggle for saving a precious tract of rainforests. The Brazilian government has decided to launch an environmental impact study for a

In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector. Also analyses technological issues, comaprative analysis of best practices with global players and recommends future outlook.

france has drawn the attention of the European Court of Justice for failing to fully enact the European rules for environmental impact assessments ( eia ) in wildlife habitat areas. According

local environmental groups in South Korea have demanded an end to a large-scale reclamation project now underway on the southwestern coast of the nation. "The project should be scrapped

The industry begrudges being left in the dark about the Cabinet s decision to form an environment appellate authority competent to tackle complaints and hearings on developmental projects