Corruption is not confined to earthworks and flood control measures alone. It is all over and all embracing. Many politicians today face charges of corruption in Bihar. The names of a few are given

The corrupt are blind to the plight of the poor and to the criminalisation of society

Jagadanand Singh , minister for water resources, Bihar, is a strong supporter of the theory that a dam should be built in Nepal to control the floods. He also feels that flood control measures undertaken in the state are

This is not a story about floods in Bihar. This is a story about how an entire society has been corrupted by money meant to build embankments for flood control. A lesson that poor environmental management, especially one which

International experiences in effective environmental management have their foundation in strict adherence to legal statutes. In this context, environmental laws are implemented with utmost precision in the West. Irrespective of the power of entrenched

How the efforts of an individual brought prosperity to a remote town in the Northeast

How many dams have to be brought down to restore the salmon population? What will it cost?

The struggle to restore river normalcy gathers momentum in the US with strict sanctions on dam construction

Environmental planning and policy making in the 21st century is going to get more complex. But at least the Dutch are raising a lot of good questions