The Centre for Science and Environment CSE releases the environmental rating of the pulp and paper sector. Participants laud CSE efforts and call for a change in the mindset of industry captains

Sen s manner of addressing poverty issues has left many questions unanswered

Tourism plays an important role in the economies of both Goa and the Maldives. For the Maldives, it provides 17 percent of the gross domestic product, over 25 percent of government revenue and around 60 percent of the foreign exchange earnings; and for Goa, it generates 13.7 percent of the state

In Kyoto what is being negotiated is not how much emissions should be cut but who owns the atmosphere

International cooperation in the protection of endangered species can be built on a totally different set of principles rather than trade bans

A new approach to sustainability may serve as the ultimate magic wand for solving global environmental problems

Management ofprotected areas has been one of the principal bones of contention between the various shades of interested opinions in the country. Environmentalists, social workers, reasearchers, NGO activists, bureaucrats and parliamentarians got toge

Management of solid wastes is a corollary of triumphing civilisation. But how does one recycle or reuse increasing solid wastes in radically expanding cities ?

THE COVER story of this issue of Down To Earth proves that Indian companies have a considerable potential to reduce wastes and hence, their waste treatment costs. Last year, India became the first