The final notification of the Great Himalayan National Park has jeopardised the livelihood of a tribe of migratory pastoralists. It has also cornered people of 130 villages in their own land on the name of biodiversity conservation

Most of Delhi s urban elite suffer from this disease which makes them rationally irrational . The disease is accompanied by finger pointitis and selfishitis too

A haze of pollutants, the size of the US, covers a part of the Indian Ocean sky creating fears of acid rain, low rainfall and a change in environmental politics

Under pressure from the industry, the Australian government relaxes petrol and diesel emission standards

The wood market today needs to be organised in a way that millions of wood farmers can meet the country s growing wood needs

The Goan government echoes environmental concerns in its state budget

The world over, the pockets where the poor live are used as environmental dumps. PAUL WAPNER debates the environmental ethics of International politics