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US department of Navy and the Maritime Administration (USMA) will continue sending ships to the ship breaking units in India, bringing mixed news for 35,000 workers at Alang, Gujarat. The US agencies

A criminal complaint has been registered against Union environment minister and Shiv Sena MP Suresh Prabhu in an FIR lodged by 80 investors, including a former MP Gopal Mayekar, who have charged Mr

In recent months, there have been reports from east and souhtern Africa warning of the possibility of yet another serious drought in Africa. These alerts came barely two years after governments the

Radioactive waste is being dumped on the terrace of the National Institute of Immunology near JNU's green belt exposing the residents in the area to high risk. Discarded after use in NII's

The European Union revealed plans to sign the Kyoto protocol for tackling climate change, making it the first big player to head towards ratification of the world's most ambitious environmental

Dangerously high-level of lead in the atmosphere can easily find its way into the human body and cause incapacitating disorders, caution environmentalists calling for a control on emissions before

Workshop : India Council for Enviro-Legal Action on Saturday conducted a workshop on water pollution and control strategies which was attended by representatives from about 40 city schools. The

Fifteen centimetres of rain fell in a week in Guyana. The rains came only days after Guyana had declared its six-month drought, due to El Nino, a national emergency. But its drought troubles are far

The floods of 1966 woke Venice to the realisation that the water that so famously fills the streets of this city could someday drown it. If the climate continues to warm up, the sea may invade Venice

European environmental groups stepped up their campaign for a tax on aviation fuels to reduce aircraft emissions by lobbying the first combined meeting of European Union environment and transport