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The European Union's executive agency said it would take Ireland to court for failing to intergrate EU norms on water pollution into national legislation. The agency, the European Commission, also

Four months after aid agencies issued warnings of impending famine in southern Sudan, and two months after they marshaled public opinion in the name of heading it off, starvation has arrived

The Maharashtra government yesterday unveiled a Rs 50-crore disaster mangement plan at a three-day international seminar. A comprehensive multi-hazard disaster management plan for the state was one

All the rivers flowing through the valley are excessively filthy throughout the four months of rainy season. As the heavy downpours begin, the water level in the rivers rise and the rapid water flow

Preparation of a plan for formulation, implementation and monitoring of environmental protection schemes during and after commissioning of various projects in veiw of increasing industrial activities

Ambutia near Kurseong is the biggest landslip zone in Asia, covering a few kilometres. The landslips began a few decades ago and threatened the existence of Kurseong town. Similarly, the Singtham

The Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udyog Sangathan has sent a memorandum to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh giving details of several cases of ground water pollution near the Union Carbide

The flood in the Brahmaputra, which has caused extensive damage in 15 districts in Assam over the past four weeks, continues to wreak havoc in Majuli, the world's largest river island, with erosion

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Japan will introduce corporate ratings as part of a comprehensive package of environmental-protection measures, ministry sources

Going green is getting to be so important for business that Japanese manufacturers are gearing up their efforts. Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp. and others are moving quickly to get their "green passport",