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Former President Suharto presented Agus Gunarto with Indonesia's most prestigious enviornmental award in June 1997 for developing the concept of a mini-sewage-treatment plant to serve small

The Ganga Action Plan was conceived and implemented by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Varanasi, the primary city among seven on the river, was sanctioned the maximum of Rs 50 crore for the first

The environemnt and forests ministry has moved the Supreme Court aginst the Allhabad High Court order staying the implementation of a project to clean up the Ganga. The High Court last week stayed

Wong How-man is the president of the China Exploration and Research Society in Hong Kong. He visits China's remote corners regularly. There he uses his talent as a photograhper to document ethnic

The smog which enveloped vast tracts of Punjab last Thursday (Octorber 15) has served to underline like never before the urgency with which the problem of an environment disaster needs to be tackled

The Diwali, breathing was easier. Decreased levels of pollution, compared to last year, seem to provide hope the battle with pollution can be won. Of the Delhi pollution control committee's (DPCC) 19

In 1993, the leaders of Purple Golden Mountain Village in Pianguan county, China joined forces with the World Bank to offer Wang and his neighbours a way out of poverty. They convinced the villagers

Some industrialists jokingly call the Badli industrial area Madli. Living amid acid is clost to madness, they say. But in the same breath the owners of the 400 units also say that in the event of the

Hunan province in Central China will spend more than 2.5 billion yuan to launch the largest soil erosion control project since 1949 in the wake of this summer's devastating floods. About 44,000

Entitled "New start and renewal - Germany's way into the 21st century", the 50 page coalition pact between Germany's Social Democratic Party and Green parties pledges "economic stability, social