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The UN is finalising a draft declaration on special rights for indigenous people, but this is being opposed by some governments.

Environmentalists in Goa are upbeat once again. Not only has the pro-Konkan railway Ravi Naik had to step down as chief minister, but his successor is none other than Wilfred D'Souza, who has been

National constitutions have rarely established environmental rights as human rights, but an increasing number recognise the right to a healthy environment and have provisions directed at environmental protection:

MIDAS may soon lose his touch in Honduras because US mining giant RTZ's plan to exploit the Minas de Oro area is facing massive criticism from green campaigners, led by Wilfredo Sandoval Calix who

Environmental concerns and the end of the Cold War are spurring radical changes at the UN. But the revamp is turning out to be another thorny issue.

The consumerist tendency of our society has resulted in the branding of population explosion as the villain in a world that has place for everyone's need but no one's greed.

Sweden is successfully moving towards self-sustaining cities where long-term ecological gains rank higher than short-term economics.

A SMALL group of Pueblo Indians, living just south of Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico, may force city officials to spend a whopping US $250 million to clean up the Rio Grande, so they

Among steps undertaken by the municipally owned Stockholm Water were renovation of the waste water network, construction of a storm sewer overflow basin and measures to reduce the load on pipes and treatment plants.

In 1987, citizens of Gothenburg accepted the challenge of cleaning up their city and succeeded admirably.