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The Bangladesh government and UNDP approved a new $26 million programme for sustainable environmental management. Implementation of the National Environment Management Action Plan (NEMAP) is on the

Now their quest to protect the environment has evolved from a batty sideshow into a mainstream issue for governments and big business, environmentalists have smartened up their act. Their

The Uttar Pradesh government has sanctioned a Rs 1,000 crore scheme for making Agra green. The scheme includes a Taj trapezium to be built at a cost of Rs 600

Since trees absorb carbon dioxide, it may be possible to offset the carbon dioxide emitted when a product is made or used by planting or preserving forests. This promise of "climate neutrality" may

Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals (GSFC) said it had signed a pact with a US firm to make wood from solid waste generated by its process

Corporate giant CSR looks set to shelve its controversial plans to build a toxic waste dump in Werribee, Australia following lengthy discussions with the Wyndham City Council. The breakthrough comes

Beijing faces the biggest red tide threat in recent years, official media reported yesterday. Based on aerial and satellite photographs, marine officials said they

The Bombay High Court recently directed Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation to remove neonlit signboards and blinking advertisements from residential areas because of the hazard they pose to health and

India and Pakistan have decided to collaborate in environmental projects on conservation of species and habitats. The decision emerged after a delegation from the World Wide Fund-Pakistan, led by its

Britain's detergent makers are launching an unusual marketing drive : They will be sending mailing to customers urging them to use less soap powder. The exercise is part of a campaign to reduce the