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The Karur-based private sector bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB), which is eyeing the nice opportunity for financing effluent treatment plants for the dyeing industry in this textile town, is organising

Residents across the Japan are winning access to waste disposal information, yet some deals seem to end up in the trash. Disputes over waste disposal sites are being dumped onto municipal governments

More than a year has passed since the Russian tanker Nakhodka broke apart in a storm in the Sea of Japan off Shimane Prefecture, spilling about 5,000 kiloliters of heavy oil. To all appearances,

A Philipine Quezon city councilor called on the police authorities to strictly enforce an ordinance which requires gasoline stations to build underground secondary tanks. Moises S. Samson, the

The Japan International Co-operation Agency (Jica) said yesterday it will conduct a survey starting in May on marine pollution in the Straits of Malacca where coral reefs and mangroves have been

The Thai government estimates that six million plus people have been affected by the shortage of rain. And the drought will continue for another four months at least. But if Thailand has problems,

The Supreme Court of India has recently admitted a writ petition filed by three gas victims organisations on the non-availability of medicines in Government hospitals and other medical issues

As the countries around the Black Sea attempt to come with a common approach for revitalising their respective economies, the region remains one of the world's worst environmental disaster areas.

The oil industry has reacted with dismay to the European Parliament vote in favour of tougher traffic pollution rules than either the European Commission or national governments

In the remote village, falling under the Nagarkurnool Lok Sabha constitutency of the endemically drought-hit Mahabubnagar district, basic amenities such as water and power are a far cry. Dominated