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In June this year, President Clinton announced that the United States would provide at least $1 billion over the next five years to work with developing nations to reduce the threat of climate

Tourism authorities are moving ahead with the mega Bekal tourism project, in spite of people's protests. Bekal is located in the northernmost rural coastal district of Kasargod in Kerala. The

The problem with the most dangerous volcano on Earth is that, at the moment, it's also one of the sleepiest. These days tourists visiting Italy's Mount Vesuvius can hike up a broad path to the rim of

Antarctica may be an important predictor of climatic changes elsewhere on Earth thousands of years before they appear, researchers say. Analysing ice cores drilled from deep within glaciers,

Marketing of cement is taking a new dimension. Product segmentation, which was till recently more on the basis of various grades in the ordinary portland cement (OPC) such as 33 grade, 43 grade and

While developed countries have environmental problems due to over-consumption and extravagant lifestyles, developing countries' environmental concerns are linked to their poverty. As a result,

Engineers have this year completed the largest post-Independence railway, along the west coast of the country. But greens in Goa point out that their worst fears have come true. Angry insinuations

Thousands of Louisiana and Mississippi residents fled inland to dodge the lethal impact of Hurricane Georges on Saturday as the Florida Keys cleaned up debris the storm left behind. Although no

The centre is yet to recieve a proposal from the State government on Dhamra port's clerance, said the Union Environment Minister Suresh P Prabhu in a letter to eminent environmentalist Banka Behari

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called off a visit to South Africa as floods overwhelmed Bangladesh, pushing the death toll close to 400. Millions of people are homeless, including a quarter of the