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The judicial first class Magistrate Court at Kunnamangalam near Kozhikode has restrained the Grasim Industries at Mavoor from discharging the trade effluents into the Chaliyar river or any other

The Kerala High Court has directed the State Government to issue appropriate directions to all local authorities, including municipal corporation, to strictly enforce the pollution control laws and

The Kerala High Court has directed the State Government to issue appropriate direction to all local authorities, including municipal corporations in the State, to enforce strictly the pollution

The BJP manifesto provides considerable importance to environmental protection . In fact the manifesto has a full page on this issue.It has also committed towards formulation of a national

Dr. Iqbal Malik, the environmentalist, today urged women to take the initiative at individual as well as community level to convert their localities into "zero garbage

People of South Bihpuria have urged the State Government once again to initiate necessary measures to save the area from the continuous erosion of Dujikrong river. The erosion and high floods washed

Australian scientists have found a use for old telephone directories and plastic milk containers. They are turning waste paper and thermoplastics into a substitute for

In the laborious process of monitoring the sea wealth of the country's coastal waters, the central research agencies have identified six centres as 'hot spots' vulnearable to pollution. The hot spots

In an attempt at getting over resource problems for managing urban solid waste in the metropolis, the Government has invited private operators for disposal of the waste generated from three suburban

Dr. A. Abdul Kareem, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU), has called upon the scientific community not to lag behind in finding a solution to the problem of soil and water