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The Pooyamkutti hydel power project in Kerala's Idukki district cleared by Kamal Nath, is another hotbed of controversy. Conceived by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) decades ago, the

Kolaghat's (in Midnapore, West BengaD 1.260 MIN thermal power project has been the bane of thousands who have been struck by silicosis due to flyash generated by the project; silicosis is caused by

Polluting companies in the US - the country which has often screamed the loudest at the merest hint of environmental negligence - can now rest easy. Protecting them from engendering

THE Ramagundam and Singareni coil belt will be the focus of an environmental study to be carried out with the help of IRS-1C, India's third remote sensing satellite, to draw up an eco-development

A Supreme Court ruling to install waste incinerators in India is under a scathing attack from environmental activists

Recently, China has received US $3 billion to support its forthcoming Cross-Century Green Project - the biggest contributors being the World Rank, the Asian Development Bank and Japan. This

Dioxins and fLirans. two deadly by- products of medical waste incineration, form directly from chlorine and chlorinated products which are present in much larger volumes in medical wastes than in

NATURE which inspires keen sentiments in many a poet and environmental activist, is now the subject of an annual report of the World Bank (WB) group. Reading the tedious report, one gets the

The island of San Miguel De Cozumel, which lies off the Yucatan peninsula, is up in arms against a proposed 550 m pier for cruise liners near its famous Paradise reef. The reef is home to

THE blasting Of Chandardinga hills source of granite rocks - situated on the banks of Brahmaputra in Dhubri district of Assam has blown up into a big issue (Down To Earth, Vol 4, No 18). The