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The controversial Sinar Mas project at Bhigwan, has been given a show-cause notice by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to shut down "the manufacturing activities

India and Germany have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Bonn for increased cooperation in the field of environmental

Large quantities of hazardous asbestos continue to find its way into India. A notification was prepared to ban its import by the Union ministry for environment and forests but withheld later.

The Environment Agency will impose stricter regulations on soot emissions from factories in fiscal 1999, a move that will affect about 200,000 facilities, agency officials said over the weekend. The

A fifth flood crest is forming in the Yangtze River's upper reaches.Reports in Wuhan said that while people were mopping up in the aftermath of the fourth crest, heavy rainfall had created a new

After a day of respite, torrential rains fell again yesterday in the country's central region, hampering cleanup and restoration operations in flood-devastated areas. The National Disaster Prevention

The ministry of environment & urban affairs in Pakistan is likely to prepare a roster of experts on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) for keeping a watch over their effects on human health in

Hanam, a city east of Seoul, will host a huge international environmental exposition next year in cooperation with the U.N. Development Program (UNDP). About 200 manufacturers of

The eco-friendly tourism project at an estimated cost of Rs. 250 crores in Kerala with financial assistance from the Japanese OECF has run into rough weather following the nuclear explosions. It was

Majuli, the largest inhabited river island in the world, is in danger of being completely eaten away by the Brahmaputra in course of time. According to old revenue records, its area in 1950 was 1246