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The Cote of Ivoire government has taken a long overdue step to check heedless deforestation. In mid-September, the Forest Protection Council instituted a ban on the export of all

The Brazil government green watchdog Jhama is all set to haul up nvironmental offenders. In an agressive move to end its ofic financial problems pt people to observe ugunental laws,

The residents of Galapagos Islands in we engaged in an angry war of words with conservationists.Furious that modocian president, Doran Ballen, has a new law that would have allowed them to

FOLLOWING the footsteps of cod, haddock, halibut, salmon and hosts of other seafish are the seahorses which are the latest victims of overfishing, According to Amanda Vincent, an Oxford biologist,

THE poacher-turned-saridalwood smuggler Veerappan, operating in the forests of Karnataka, who has managed to evade all efforts to nab him seems to have gained an upper hand once again. The

The recently concluded third conference on the Basel Convention in Geneva pledge to rid the agreement's ambiguties

ECOLOGICAL central planning is what Denmark's ruling social democrats have hit upon by way of ideology. And its most ardent proponent is the minister for energy and the environment, Svend Auken,

MODERN tissue Culture technology has come to the aid of the environment. Scientists in Australia's culture laboratories have developed a wonder tree - nicknamed Paulownia - which can help ease

MOVED from Goa to Gurnmiclipoondi near Madras in Tamil Nadu, the proposed Thapar-Dupont nylon 6,6 project has come under fire once again. Goan environmental activist Claude Alvares, who had

The Clinton administration has suffered yet another setback in its crusade to protect the forests in the US northwest from marauding timber merchants. On September 14, district court judge