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THE REFUSAL of the Union railway ministry and the Goa administration to participate in the Kamla Chowdhury committee, set up by the Union ministry of environment and forests to review the Konkan

Environmental issues took a backseat at the recent G 7 meet where the main concern was the business of revamping Soviet built nuclear power plants

New EC environment commissioner Jacques Delors is expected to take a much softer stand on England's environmental transgressions

The report of a US human rights organisation cites the example of nine countries to prove its theory that governments that violate human rights will almost always abuse environment as well

BRAZIL: Trade union leader and environmentalist Chico Mendes was one of 1,681 rural workers and activists killed in the struggle over land in Brazil between January 1, 1964, and January 31, 1992.

In Pakistan, they are controlling population growth by raising the living standards of local communities through Pasbaan, the social development wing of the country's family planning association

There are no new insights in the Morse committee's recommendations

THIS BOOK, a collection of articles by six authors, is meant to be a sequel to Blueprint for a Green Economy (Earthscan), which was published in September 1989. The theme of the earlier book was

The need of the hour is to reconcile apparently irreconcilable interests

THE COMMITTEE appointed by Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao to examine the viability of the Tehri hydroelectric project will not submit its report before mid-August. It was supposed to have the