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In the absence of an effective control mechanism, the abundant and indiscriminate release of toxic elements by chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and certain other polluting industries in the twin

The Maharashtra government's Mumbai-Pune expressway project formally got underway. The express project aimed at decongesting the existing highway was delayed on account of stiff opposition by

To combat the growing pollution levels in all major rivers in the country, a national rivers conservation campaign was launched under the banner of the Indian Council of Enviro-Legal Action, noted

The effectiveness of existing contingency plans that tackle oil spills has not been tested. "Our current response capability is just enough to handle a spill of about 300 tonnes, which is fairly

Efforts are on by the Delhi Government to re-locate the polluting industries out of the capital. At the same time, only pollution-free industries would be encouraged in the future,according to Mr. J.

Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) has commenced the supply of natural gas to industrial units in Firozabad, near Agra. This forms part of the 10 point programme announced by the government to save

Investments in environment protection have always been the last in the Indian companies' priority list. However, the recent Supreme Court judgement for setting up dehydrogenetion and desulphurisation

The global warming treaty negotiated in Japan last month could lead to tougher pollution controls on everything from mopeds to Mack trucks, but at least one major emitter has managed to reserve its

The Centre has released Rs 24 crores during the current financial year for desert development in Rajasthan.The scheme is meant to stop the desert from spreading further in the

It was the landmark year for the national environment policies with the Ministry of Environment and Forests coming up with several legislative and administrative measures. The measures taken include