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The recent ruling of the Gujarat High Court on the Sanghi jetty case makes a victory and a setback for the company.

A government proposal to require household appliance manufacturers to recycle their spent products - with consumers shouldering the cost - will most likely be fully implemented from fiscal 2001.

Barnala: The government will not allow dumping of chemicals by foreign companies at any cost. He said that any activity harming the interests of the domestic industry would be dealt with

Over recent years tyremakers have introduced "green" or low rolling resistance,tyres by replacing much of the carbon black .Pirelli has now come up with a new formulation of polymers that has allowed

UN members did not exactly jump at the chance on Monday of being among the first to sign the Kyoto protocol on reducing "greenhouse gas" emissions to check increased global warming. Argentina, whose

Before implementing any waste management plan (WMP), there is a need for developing a "waste management culture". The industry, Government and local bodies should work in harmony to safeguard the

Industrial wastes diverted to coastal regions were the major sources of pollution in major cities located in Visakhapatnam which resulted in a decrease in coastal

Police in the small south Pacific nation of Vanuatu on Sunday evacuated more than 1,000 residents around the capital of Port Vila as cyclone Yali caused flooding in low-lying

India has joined the select band of developed countries that have acquired the cost effective state-of-the-art nuclear waste management technology, according to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

A powerful earthquake hit parts of northern Afghanistan and Pakistan on the night of Saturday. But there were no immediate reports of damage or