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The end appears to be in sight for the catastrophic flooding along the Yangtze and Songhua rivers in the northeast, flood control authorities said yesterday. The Yangtze's eighth flood crest passed

Group of homemakers , from their concerns over environmental pollution by chemicals, has been supporting a pulp company which makes toilet paper from scrap paper with no use of bleachers. Toilet

The Babai river poses a serious threat to one muncipality and seven Village Development Committees in Bardiya district of Nepal due to lack of river control programme. Thousands of bighas of land is

death toll 253 : Flood situation worsened further in five districts, including Dhaka and its adjoining areas in Bangladesh, with 11 more deaths reported. The death toll rose to 253 according to

Year after year, Kerala keeps losing valuable coastal land to sea erosion. But neither the state government nor the Centre seem particularly concerned. Study commissioned by the State Irrigation

It is another familiar tale in another conservation project. When the Bettakuruba tribals were evicted from Karnataka's Begur forests in a move to declare it a part of the Bandipur National park, the

A sub-committee of the Gangotri Conservation Project has been constituted to check recession of the gangotri glacier. With GCP director, General Sushil Kumar as the chairman, the sub-committee will

US farmers are a hardy lot but many are beginning to succumb to despair, cursing a catastrophic drought and the Asian economic crisis that are costing them billions of dollars. The scorching heat

Flooding of the Nile has reached a "dangerous level," the Sudanese undersecretary of irrigation, Ahmed Mohammad Adam, has warned, and dozens of villages have been imperiled. The official called on

China announced a rescue package of up to $120 billion in bank loans to help agriculture and industry recover from ruinous floods. The money would come from commercial banks over the next four