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The Chairman of the Central Pollution Control Board, Mr. Dilip Biswas, has said that an important pre-requisite for the implementation of the coastal regulation zone(CRZ) notification is that the

The promoters of Sanghi Industries Ltd are looking for a partner for their 2.6 million tonne cement project coming up at Kutch in Gujarat. Faced with huge cost overruns, the Sanghis are now

India will host in April the first ever international exhibition addressing all aspects of living environment, organised by 'Exhibitions India ' this four-day programme combines an international

A wave of lawsuits brought by environmentalists is compelling state and Federal authorities to enforce a long dormant provision of the Clean Water Act, opening a new front in the struggle over

Pounding rainstorms have turned southern California dairy farms into swamps so thick that cows cannot walk or sleep, and 6,500 of them have dropped dead of

The Environmental Protection Agency's decision to delay its final report on PCB contamination of the Hudson River exasperated New Yorkers who have waited 20 years for a plan of action to clean the

Although El Nino reappears regularly, it has never caused such damage to the United States. For some weeks now, severe rain storms have been battering California. Tornadoes ravaged several countries

Heavy rains have caused flooding in areas of sourthwestern Afghanistan over the past week, killing at least 30 people in one of the five stricken provinces, UN and Afghan sources in Pakistan

The Delhi police have drawn up an elaborate plan to check noise pollution during religious functions -especially 'jagrans' (night-long functions) which go on till late at night - in the

A city-wide socio-economic survey of slums is to be taken up by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi as a forerunner to the planned resettlement of the about 30 lakh residents of JJ clusters.According