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DTE sought the comments of legal luminaries and journalists on some issues that emerged out of this analysis. The individuals whose opinions appear here are P N Baghwati, former Chief Justice of India, A M Singhvi, additional solicitor general of India; R

Significant environmental decisions were taken by the Supreme Court SC in 1996

Vatavaran, a Delhi based NGO, points out the ongoing decimation of the ridge

In any democratic country, environmental concerns can get integrated with developmental programmes only if the leader is sensitive to them

muynak, a small town lying about 1,000 km west of the Uzbek capital Tashkent, bears testimony to one of the worst ecological disasters in the world - the shrinking of the Aral Sea. Once a green,

Ancient traditions hold the key to sustainable management of natural resources

the Silver Lake on the outskirts of Bitterfeld, a major industrial town in Saxony-Anhalt, gives proof of the extent of damage caused by polluting industries in the former eastern Germany. The water

the way humankind has dealt with the environment has undergone numerous changes over the ages.

another addition to the list of products harmful to the ozone layer is the Concorde, the supersonic aircraft. Research shows that the trail of invisible fog of sulphuric acid left by a Concorde may

Unsustainable use of subsurface environment is escalating. Can geologists find solutions?