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Physicians are worried that residents of Mae Moh district in Lampang (Thailand) may have taken too much of the medicine given them to relieve ailments caused by air pollution emitted by the

Floods, notwithstanding, the Chinese have available, per person, only about a fifth of the world average supply of water. In the vast northern and north-western regions of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi,

The Department of Electronics and the Delhi Jal Board signed an agreement to jointly launch a project for Automation of Sewage Treatment Plant at Okhla. The Jal Board and the department of

The US government has launched a major action to combat smog across 22 eastern seaboard states. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plan, announced by Vice President Al Gore on Thursday 24

Only a tenth of the approximately 10,000 kg of hospital waste churned out daily by the 815-odd hospitals in Ahmedabad goes into the two large incinerators the city has. What does not go into them is

While the risk of a nuclear power plant disaster is very small, state and Federal disaster agencies owe it to people who live near reactors to help them guard against the health dangers of a nuclear

Everyone's care and share : Amid reports of deteriorating ecological environment in a number of regions in China and under the pressure of population and economic growth, a growing part of the

Virtual failure of the second trench of monsoon rains in Gujarat has started causing nightmares for the State Government, which besides pushing up the already high prices of essential commodities

The builder of the City Link tollway has been ordered to clean up its act, after the Environment Protection Authority of Australia found it had dumped 24,000 cubic metres of

The flood situation in eastern Uttar Pradesh worsened in 20 districts with flood water marooning parts of Gorakhpur city and the toll mounting to more than 500. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is