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Our position is that USA is the biggest culprit in the world. ---Environment minister Kamal Nath on the eve of his departure to Rio We cannot permit the extreme in the environmental

The NISGA: are fighting with the British Columbian government to be recognised as a community. They came to Rio to "tell the world about their problems"

• Human beings are at the centre of sustainable development. •States have the sovereign right to exploit their own resources. • The right to

THE BRANDT Commission in 1980 had called for a world "based less on power and status, more on justice and contract; less discretionary, more governed by fair and open rules". Shridath

The environmental movement is politically weak. That is the lesson from the Rio summit

The South came back reasonably victorious from Rio, it was only because of the poor leadership of USA. The question now is: will it be able to sustain its success?

The state uses all the right words. But its actions don't match its rhetoric, unfortunately

Some common misconceptions that emerged during the run up to Rio

The save the planet bazaar does not deserve to be taken seriously

"ECONOMICS is the science of studying people's behaviour in their ordinary day-to-day life." That is how undergraduate textbooks define the subject. The book under review, however, talks about an