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Majuli, the largest inhabited river island in the world, is in danger of being completely eaten away by the Brahmaputra in course of time. According to old revenue records, its area in 1950 was 1246

The recent cyclone has finally made the Gujarat government come out of its hibernation. Recognising that the lack of mangroves and other types of vegetation along the coastal regions of Kutch and

Calcutta is not the best place to live in, at least during winter when the city reels under heavy pollution. Air pollution in Calcutta becomes maximum during winter causing acute respiratory problems

Waters from three river basins of Ganga, Brahmaputra and Jamuna is one of the major reasons of flooding in Bangladesh, a water expert Prof M Shahjahan said. He said 93 per cent rain and flood waters

Ministers and top officials from nearly 100 countries meet in Rotterdam to sign an international trety that will ban the import of hazardous chemicals unless agreed by the importing country. The

The Clinton administration is trying to punish polluters of the Mississippi river. Attorney General Janet Reno and EPA Adminstrator Carol M. Browner stood under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to

Greenpeace called on the French government to urgently order an environmental Impact Assessment of the state-controlled plutonium company COGEMA's controversial plan to dredge the polluted sea bed

Wildlife Institute of India's Environemntal Impact Assessment Cell has developed a computer-based integrated decision-support

UNDP :A child born in the US, France or Britain this year will consume, waste and pollute more in a lifetime than 50 children in developing nations, according to a UN report released on Wednesday.

India's pre-occupation with raising its economic growth rate irrespective of the ecological viability of the strategies pursued may cost the country more than $10 billion a year. This staggering