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NINTH-ISLAND rookery, the picturesque abode of 12,000 penguins in southern Australia may well turn out to be the oily grave of these precious birds. Over 500 tonnes (t) of fuel oil leaked

The Himachal government's plans to install cement plants in the state create a none too happy situation

The scourge of pollution has not spared even the icy continent

HILLY areas denuded for the sake of development can now be greened again, thanks to a new technology evolved by the G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Almora

ANOTHER power project has caught the eye of the greens. This time, it is the us power giant Cogentrix's plans to set up a 1,000 mw plant in the forests of the Western Ghats near Mangalore

THE men in uniform have found a n& vocation: that of taking care of the environment. The army unit stationed at Madras - in their bid to green the city - is setting up a 'zodiacal park' at the

The Tasmanian government's grandiose plans to build a road right across the Tarkine -- Australia's largest remaining wilderness -- have run into rough weather. Situated in north-west Tasmania, the

After successfully thwarting the efforts of the Thapar-Dupont combine to set up a Nylon 6,6 project in their state, Goan greens are now opposing the construction of a multi-million glass fibre plant

IN KEEPING with the need for spreading the message of environmental protection and conservation of nature, the Union ministry of environment and forests organised a dance programme with Nature

The ecologically fragile hill state of Himachal Pradesh is in for more degradation as the state government gives the go-ahead to set up 3 cement plants. The state has suffered already due to unabated