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Receiving a Wildscreen Panda award is perhaps much more than music to the ears of a team that started off in 1988 by making ad jingles. Eight years later, Nikhil and Niret Alva have bagged what is

• Compulsory afforestation by lessees • Blanket ban on mining in forest areas • Revision of mining royalty rates concurrent with steel prices • Mandatory ecological measures

green copies: RPG Ricoh Ltd, an

The Supreme Court of India recently expressed concern over the growing number of industrial units in Dahanu, the

Indian industrialists, from Bajaj to the Tatas and Birlas, have walked away with environmental rape, partly because they lack conscience

at long last, the World Bank ( wb ) has admitted to serious lapses in its methods for screening projects which could

Computer models like the ones that recently simulated conditions in the Chesapeake bay in the US could alter opinions regarding the nature of environmental problems. But, there are limits to their dependability

The European Court of Justice ruled recently that economic requirements need not be considered while allocating and defining the boundaries of an environmental special protection area. The Royal

startling expressions of possible environmental degradation have been found in Minnesota, us . Deformed frogs have been seen in more than 100 sites in 54 of Minnesota's counties. At a recent

In the summer of 1995, the hills of Pauri Garhwal and Kumaon were witness to extensive forest fires. The conflagration decimated a massive forest area and at the same time, underscored the total