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The decision of the Karnataka Pollution Control Board (KPCB) to identify 3 sites in Mysore district for dumping hazardous wastes from industries has run into rough weather, with the local people

THE intentions of the recent Jungle Jivan Bachao Yatra, during which environmental activists and villagers living around India's national parks and sanctuaries went on a 45-day walkathon through 18

DuPont slimes out of catastrophe responsibility

It is time to question whether the new green urgency of big business is a genuine change of heart

THIS decade is witness to the emergence of several issues regarding nutrition, health and environment. Nutrition in the Nineties attempts to compile articles about major issues regarding nutrition.

THE Resource Art exhibition at New Delhi's Max Mueller Bhavan took a lateral -- often oblique -- view of the interaction between people and nature. Based on a show of contemporary Installation Art in

The Dakshina Kannada district will become Karnataka's showpiece of industrial development, the state government has been saying. However, a study begun in 1993 has projected a rather depressing

Western institutions and the United Nations are keen protagonists of natural resource accounting but it may still not be a useful policy tool for planners to promote sustainable development. Experience in the Philippines has shown that only an elaborate c

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairperson Ranganath Mishra has asserted that environmental violations such as pollution and fouling up the atmosphere are tantamount to denial of the

BY THE time this editorial is out, the Akatsuki Maru, the Japanese ship due to elbow through 11 tonnes of reprocessed plutonium waste from the French port of Cherbourg to Japan, will probably be