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An evacuation of thousands of residents in the northern Philippines was ordered after a dike collapsed under pressure from flooding caused by a tropical storm. Parts of four towns im Pampanga

Shintech's announcement that it will be backing down on plans to build a vinyl plant in Convent, Louisiana is a major victory for environmental justice, the people of Convent and St. James Parish and

ACC, India's leading cement producer, and Ebara Corporation, Japan's largest environment engineering company, has signed and MoU for joint implementation of environment-related projects in India.

The Super bazar has decided to shun plastic and go eco-friendly. Buyers will now carry home groceries and other wares from the outlets in paper bags instead of plastic bags. Super bazar's outlet at

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is headed by a chairman whose team ended two years ago and run by a board whose term also expired in February this year. Uncertainty looms large over all

The green bench of the Madras High Court has directed the National Environment Engineering Research institute (NEERI), Nagpur, to go into the aspects of "pollution, working of the unit, as well as

The Government of Netherlands, through the Netherlands Development Assistance (NEDA) has agreed to provide a grant assistance of equivalent to about Rs 199.5 million to Nepal for the implementation

A look behind the Yangzi dikes reveals martyrdom, mayhem and tragic mistakes that Beijing would rather keep quiet : a

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), custodian of the ISI quality mark, has decided to set up a separate technical committee to formulate standards on environmental management systems. This

Two platoons of the Indian Air Force were rushed to Surat today as more than 80 per cent of the city was submerged. Further damage has been ruled out with water levels beginnning to recede late