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PAPER is important, but so are forests. The proposal of the ministry for environment and forests to allow the paper industry to establish captive plantations on degraded forest lands, has provoked angry reactions from environmentalists. Many academics a

Friends of the Earth - Europe's 'Sustainable Europe Campaign', launched in November 199j, entered its second phase recently. The campaign aims at enhancing the development and diffusion of

Forest protection in a Midnapore village has created prosperity and local heroes

A consortium of4 NGOs has set up this Himalayan kingdom's first community radio - 'Radio Everest' - to spread messages related to development, environmental protection and cultural harmony. If the

• A review by C Gopalan, president of the Nutrition Foundation of-India, New Delhi, attributes the high incidence of coronary heart diseases in Delhi to increasing air pollution. To promote

CONFUSION prevails over the actual extent of forests destroyed in the recent forest fires in the northern regions of the country, as the data provided by the ministCy of environment and

A workshop in Nepal on community forest use brings to the fore environmental gains of the concept

NINTH-ISLAND rookery, the picturesque abode of 12,000 penguins in southern Australia may well turn out to be the oily grave of these precious birds. Over 500 tonnes (t) of fuel oil leaked

The Himachal government's plans to install cement plants in the state create a none too happy situation

The scourge of pollution has not spared even the icy continent