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The government of Pakistan recently endorsed the setting up of a US $50 million fund dedi

the Reds seem to be going green as environmental consciousness descends upon them in a big way. Prime Minister Li Peng, at an environmental protection conference held in mid-July in Beijing, said

The city of Sumgait which was an environmentalist's nightmare, is now looking up. Almost every factory in this heavily industrialised city had to close due to skyrocketing costs after the loss of the

the world's first floating nuclear power plant, already under construction in Russia, will start operating by the

Caught in a paradoxical situation, Hotel Maurya Sheraton retracts its plan of installing a pyrolator

Anne Marie Mueser of New York tasted victory after fighting for 10 years against a company that built one of the largest utility projects in northeast US. Recently, the Iroquois Pipeline

Standing today at the threshhold of a doom 04t can happen actually in a split second in the form of a nuclear holocaust or a germ warfare, the efforts at salvaging the environment should ideally be people oriented

A one stop shopping facility at the World Bank for private corporations to meet their project financing and insurance needs in developing countries is worrying green crusaders

A RECENT report by a British development non-governmental organisation (NGO) squarely blames the western countries for causing widespread destruction of the environment due to

In another attempt to improve their green image, the Republicans issued a new set of guidelines for their future environmental proposals. Prepared by the 70-member study group set up by Speaker