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Nepal, the Himalayan country is showing the way to South Asia by going right ahead and setting up its first community radio station. "Radio Sagarmatha" is the first non-official, community run FM

The Punjab State Government will spend Rs 175 crores on the "Sutlej action plan" to restrict the inflow of waste water into the

Full dress rehearsals of rescue operation in the event of a cyclone will be conducted this month in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The nine districts, which face a perennial risk of being ravaged by storms,

The Three Gorges Dam Project would have greatly ameliorated the damage done by the current Yangtze River flooding at the mid and lower reaches of the river if it were now in operation. The project,

Beijing's legislature has recently adopted a regulation on protecting its ancient trees which are suffering the urban expansion programs. It is the first time for Beijing, to issue legal ordinance to

Heavy flooding along China's Yangtze, Nenjiang and Songhua rivers have been caused, at least in part, by the continuing degeneration of wetlands resulting from reclamation. The assertion was made by

China's air quality in cities has become better over the past week and most cities enjoyed good air quality, according to the China Environmental Monitoring Center. The center's latest air-quality

China's State Environmental Protection Administration said that China will try to stop the ecological deterioration in major river and lakes as soon as possible. The director of the administration's

Government workers and local residents fought to strengthen the Bangladeshi capital's dam on Tuesday, and officials said all of Dhaka was in danger of being swamped by the Sitalakhoia river. More

A planned reservoir on the upper reaches of the Nen River would have cut flooding in Heilongjiang province, the China Youth Daily said yesterday. Experts said that had the reservoir at Nirji been