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Noted social worker and winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Anna Hazare was today sentenced to a three-month simple imprisonment by the Metropolitan Court at Girgaum in connection with a defamation

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Environment Agency will draft a bill for submission of the Diet calling for factories and other industrial facilities to provide details on

Environment pollution from industrial, vehicular and domestic sources that has assumed serious proportions in the country's most of the major cities is likely to have a critical impact on the

Alang, a spot on the coastline of Gujarat has become the world's biggest shipbreaking yard. In the 1990s, Alang has served as the graveyard for almost half of the ships scrapped by the world's navies

Nepal, the Himalayan country is showing the way to South Asia by going right ahead and setting up its first community radio station. "Radio Sagarmatha" is the first non-official, community run FM

The Punjab State Government will spend Rs 175 crores on the "Sutlej action plan" to restrict the inflow of waste water into the

Full dress rehearsals of rescue operation in the event of a cyclone will be conducted this month in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The nine districts, which face a perennial risk of being ravaged by storms,

The Three Gorges Dam Project would have greatly ameliorated the damage done by the current Yangtze River flooding at the mid and lower reaches of the river if it were now in operation. The project,

Beijing's legislature has recently adopted a regulation on protecting its ancient trees which are suffering the urban expansion programs. It is the first time for Beijing, to issue legal ordinance to

Heavy flooding along China's Yangtze, Nenjiang and Songhua rivers have been caused, at least in part, by the continuing degeneration of wetlands resulting from reclamation. The assertion was made by