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On the threshold of becoming an information technology giant in the country, the city is also sitting on the powder-keg of noise pollution with almost all the makor traffic corridors and the

The Union Environment Mininstery has proposed creation of a common fund using contributions from industry to sustain projects for ecological development in the country, including cleaning of rivers.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday issued notice to the city goverhment on a public interest petition seeking to ban the human hair waste trade in Jwalapuri area in west Delhi

The landslides in the UP hills that caused extensive deaths, devastation and dislocation are not new to this area. Faulty projects that go against the local geological conditions have led to many

The delegates who gathered in Kyoto from over 170 nations have hashed out a new treaty on global warming containing specific targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The pact has committed the

The Bangladesh government decided to establish a central effluent water treatment plant in the city's Hazaribagh leather hub as soon as possible to control environment pollution. It also planned to

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) has finally cleared the Sanghi Industries Jetty project in the Kutch after a delay of nearly three years. The matter will now go to the Gujarat High

Waste management and power generation from garbage projects are expected to get a boost with inter-Ministerial co-operation and a synergy being forged between technology, finance and subsidy to

With five more deaths in Broach district and one more in Rajkot district, the toll in the current spell of rain and floods in the state has risen to 78 even as the intensity of rainfall reduced

After months of devasting floods, China would seem to lack anything but water, but the recent torrents are only a small part of China's environmental crisis. China is so badly deforested that little