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Bangladesh and the United States have signed a memorandum of understanding that can ultimately lead to provision of humanitarian and disaster assistance to Bangladesh during times of need. It will

The Delhi Government has decided to release Rs 41 crore for laying sewer system and Rs 1 crore for installing hand-pumps and water hydrants in unauthorised colonies in the Capital.This was announced

Mounting pressure from environmental organisations has forced the Ministry of Environment and Forests to consider a ban on the use of plastic bags. However, in its present form the proposed "ban"

'Green budgets' for sectoral programmes of various ministries and departments has been proposed by environment and forests minister Suresh Prabhu. In a letter to Deputy chairman of planning

Millions are mobilized to combat a raging flood as the Yangzi river in China burst its banks-dramatically : a

Greenpeace revealed that the Danish dragger ship "Skandia" is illegally dumping toxic waste from the Israeli fertiliser company "Haifa Chemicals" in international waters in the Mediterranean

The Calcutta High Court today adjourned the azaan case until August 11 after the Supreme Court directed them not to proceed with the case till they hear the special leave petitions filed by the eight

The Allahabad High Court has directed saree printing units in Varanasi district to close down till they set up effluent treatment plants to check pollution.A division Bench of the court, consisting

The Himachal Pradesh Government has taken steps to prevent polythene bags from littering its urban towns, including Shimla and Manali. The State Government's Department of Science, Technology and

In the last 50 years, by its own admission, the Coast Guard dumped as many as 100,000 batteries containing toxic materials like mercury into waterways throughout the U.S., including the Hudson River.