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Gloom has descended over the Gumgul Siabehi sanctuary owing to militancy prevailing on the border of Chamba district in Himachal Prdesh adjoining Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. The sanctuary

After a week of releasing of sulphuric acid into an estuary in southern Brazil, a local judge has ordered an immediate stop to the dumping after a protest by Greenpeace and local groups. The salvage

With just two years until the start of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Greenpeace released the first Report Card of Sydney's environmental track record to date. The Environmental Report Card shows a

Over 210 tremors in the last couple of days have created panic among the 12,000 residents of Pandhana, a tehsil headquarters, 20 km from Khandwa. In fact, 25 tremors of moderate to high density were

Korea will sign the Kyoto protocol at the U.N. Convention on Climate Change at the United Nations in New York next week, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry said yesterday. 'In a gesture of

Beijing's censors won't let the local press say just how much devastation the Yangtze flood has done : a

This long hot summer has produced one of the worst smog seasons in years for the northeastern United States. It has also been unkind to the lakes and streams in the Adirondacks and other Northeastern

Greenpeace activists and local groups protested peacefully against the illegal operation of three coal powered plants in the Aegean region that are called the "deadly triangle". Copies of all court

Nepal has decided to ban bottled drinks in the Mount Everest region from Monday to keep the area near the world's highest peak clean and pollution free, an official said.

With five more deaths reported in the last 24 hours, death toll in the current floods and rains has risen to 306 in Uttar Pradesh, where the overall flood situation ramained grim with river Ganga