"Water will be the coal of the future,' French science-fiction writer Jules Verne predicted in 1874. More than a century later in a world seeking clean alternatives to fossil fuels, Dutch and

Koi decimated, claims study

If people can be convinced that use of fly ash can reduce the time for making concrete, provide more solidity and reduce costs, the day is not far off when India would be able to utilise all 100

The earliest civilisations were not a product of favourabke conditions but ratehr a last resot in the face of dramatic shifts in the weather, a climate scientist said. Flying in the face of accepted

Microbes can clean up contaminated industrial sites and poisoned waterways across the globe, saving billions of dollars in cleanup bills, an Australian scientist

A technology developed by a defence laboratory to protect soldiers from chemical warfare agents might also find application in the removal of pesticides from water or cold drinks, defence scientists

With the population growing, there is a remarkable rise in the quantity of municipal waste water. And to save the environment, already grappling with other pollutants, it is imperative to treat this

The Science and Technology Entrepreneur Park (STEP) at the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur has developed 'laboratory scale technology' for extraction of polyphenol from green tea leaves,

We stand a defeated lot in our battle against these environment pollutants, at least as of now. Consequently, it is also hampering the process of sustainable development. As environment pollutants,

Finds study on common contaminants