Government move to allow pulp trees on degraded land not sound PRIVATE paper mills may soon be allowed to develop wasteland as plantations for pulpwood. S P Maurya, director, department of industrial policy and promotion, indicated this at the PapAsia 2009 conference on pulp, paper conversion and packaging industry held in early February. Only government-owned companies are now

Government promises stopping work on dam in Uttarkashi ENVIRONMENTALIST G D Agarwal has managed to stall the controversial Loharinag Pala power project coming up speedily on the Bhagirathi, a tributary of the Ganga. On February 20, the Ministry of Power assured him work on the dam would be suspended immediately. Following this, Agarwal who was into the 37th day of his hunger strike, broke

In an ironic twist, the decidedly authoritarian government of China has received much praise of late from Western environmentalists, who tend to cast themselves as anti-authoritarian types. China has indeed made laudable efforts in many fields, ranging from wind energy to vehicle-emission standards and pollution control. It has even outlawed free plastic bags.

A protester opposed to the expansion o f Heathrow Airport threw green liquid at business secretary Peter Mandelson on Friday when he arrived at a meeting in central London.

Live television pictures showed a woman approaching the business secretary shortly after he got out of his car and throwing a cup of green liquid into his face.

Ravi Sankaran pushed community efforts to push the boundaries of ornithology An administrator

Karnataka farmer paid the price for resisting a polluting distillery, sand mining In early mornings, a portly old man would sneak into the fields in Chikballapur

food safety China lists illegal additives China has come out with its first official compilation of 17 illegal food additives used in the country. The banned substances include boric acid, commonly used as an insecticide but also mixed with noodles and meatballs to increase elasticity, and industrial formaldehyde, used in making soap and drains cleaner but also used as a common

Dec. 8: Protesters from climate action group, Plane Stupid, on Monday morning caused chaos at Stansted Airport leading to flight cancellations and delays by their demonstration on the runway.

The protesters were demonstrating against the decision to allow the Stansted Airport to be build a second runway.


CHENNAI: In an attempt to improve the network of those involved in environment conservation, World Wide Fund for Nature - India has brought out a directory of environmental resource persons in Tamil Nadu, with their contact details and area of specialisation. About 130 experts, including scientists, academicians, NGOs and government officials have been listed.