NEW STRAINS of diarrhoea, malaria and cholera are spreading rapidly in South Asia, adding to the burden of health care systems that are already stretched to breaking point. Scientists in

THE BRAZILIAN government swung into action recently to evict thousands of gold-panners from a 94,000- sq-kin Yanomami reserve near the Venezuelan border to save the 9,000 members of South

PANIC-STRICKEN by an illicit liquor that has taken a toll of at least 75 persons and a mysterious fever that may be Japanese encephalitis or simple food poisoning, Patna medical authorities have

Man-Animal Conflict Source Of Rising Infections, Says Study India is a hotspot for emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), a study by an international team of scientists which recently published its findings in the journal

epidemic in up: Japanese encephalitis (JE) has killed 153 people in eastern Uttar Pradesh, especially in Mahrajganj, Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, Sant Kabirnagar, Siddharthanagr and Deoria. As many as 530

The foot and mouth scare assumes alarming proportions in the UK

A bacterial disease kills 42 people in India

Humans have exposed themselves to a host of new viral diseases by playing around too much with the environment

Kerala is finding it difficult to dispose its waste

The year long cholera epidemic in Peru refocussed scientific attention worldwide on the causes of the disease and the various strains of cholera bacteria.