Funding from the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) has been instrumental in enabling WFP to provide an innovative package of cash assistance alongside food rations to refugee

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki denied his country’s deepening relations with Egypt signify plans to disrupt neighboring Ethiopia’s construction of Africa’s biggest hydropower dam.

A ban on Eritrean refugees working in Ethiopia is hampering efforts to reduce illegal "secondary" migration, with tens of thousands risking violence and drowning in pursuit of a better life, the Ov

Asmara — The Ministry of Land, Water and Environment indicated that Eritrea is playing significant role in controlling pollutant gases and depletion of ozone layer.

Dekemhare — The residents of the Damba administrative area, Dekemhare sub-zone, have become beneficiaries of potable water supply.

Africa: South Africa Recognized for Progress in Malaria Fight
Statistics indicate that annual malaria deaths in Africa have decreased from an estimated 764,000 in 2000 to 395,000 in 2015.

Keren — Anseba regional Administration has secured "Dima Award" sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture upon registering commendable outcome in afforestation as well as wildlife, soil and water co

On 21 March 1996, Eritrea acceded to the Convention on Biological Diversity which, among others, obliges states to sustainably conserve and develop customary uses of biological resources. Among the many forms of traditional practices of biological resources is traditional medicinal knowledge.

>> TV movie distributers in the US have reduced plastic content in their DVD cases, making it 20 per cent lighter.Though reducing plastic waste is being cited as a motivator, thinner cases are also less expensive when it comes to the cost of raw material and shipping. Companies like Sony Entertainment, Walt Disney and Warner are spearheading the initiative >> Radio Erena (

The human impact of climate change