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Federal judges on Monday pressed the Obama administration to explain delays that have plagued its implementation of the U.S.

Critics say bioenergy, carbon capture, among draft report's 'false solutions' to sustain business as usual economics

In what seems to be curtains for the much-appreciated green initiative of KSRTC, the State-run corporation is no longer able to run its buses on biofuel, thanks to the Ministry of Petroleum changin

The study estimates carbon impacts of bioenergy from ten biomass feedstock harvesting pathways feeding into three different production pathways. The harvesting pathways include forestry, agricultural residue, and dedicated energy crops.

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California's pioneering efforts to combat global climate change got a big boost on Wednesday from a federal appeals court, which upheld a state program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for transp

As the United States gets closer to being unable to meet federal biofuel targets, a regulatory adjustment would lessen the need for legislation to change the nation's renewable fuel policy, said a

The governments, both at the Central and State levels, have realised the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels and implement the biofuel programmes, said Additional Chief Secretary and Development

Road transport accounts for around a quarter of final energy consumption, and renewable energy technologies and fuels can help countries meet their policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy and reduced price volatility. They can also promote social and economic development.