point of origin The first humans on the North and South American continents came from eastern Siberia, not Asia and Polynesia as is believed. Researchers at the University of Michigan, USA,

Twenty-six years ago, people displaced by the Supa dam were resettled in Karnataka's Uttara Kannada district. The better irrigation facilities promised to them after they were relocated in the

Vegetative propagation of forestry species has many advantages over seed raised plantations. Uniformity in plantation stand, fast growth and consequently higher biomass production are a few prominent points in favor of vegetative propagation. Lack of assured supply of the points necessitating search for an alternative strategy. Nursery technology available today needs improvement.

The Uttaranchal Tourism Development Board and the Ramnagar Eco Park Pvt Ltd, a consortium of three companies

A major conservation issue, particularly in the tropics, is habitat loss and fragmentation due to developmental activities and increasing human populations.

after having successfully produced genetically improved clones of eucalyptus trees, itc Bhadrachalam Paper Boards Limited (itc-bpl) is now developing hybrid seedlings of the

The Eucalyptus tree has witnessed changing times in Ethiopia. Rulers may have come and gone, but the Eucalyptus still plays an active role in shaping the ecology. Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa

Newly developed clones of eucalyptus may help increase forest areas in Kerala

Rajasthan villagers have taken to uprooting the eucalyptus trees, popularly known as safeda, which they had welcomed a decade ago as harbinger of greenery in the desert state. Residents of Samredpur

IN THE early '80s, a tall, straggly alien invaded farmlands across North India. The landscape changed drastically as spindly eucalyptus shot out of what had originally been good agricultural land,