ACCORDING to a recent study as reported by AFP, some endangered species may face extinction risk that is upto a hundred times greater than previously thought. By overlooking random differences between individuals in a given population, researchers may have badly underestimated the perils confronting threatened wildlife, the study says.

A new framework helps to understand how species ranges change under global warming.

A quarter of the world's mammals are threatened with extinction, an international survey showed on Monday, and the destruction of habitats and hunting are the major causes.

real flab: Researchers in the US have found that artificial sweeteners are more fattening than sugar as the consumption of the low-calorie substitutes makes it harder for people to control their

Photographs supposedly showing a South China tiger in the wild have sparked a controversy. Chinese wildlife experts, officials, Internet users and media organizations have been drawn into a row over

long environmental problems, not a sudden catastrophe, might have led to the Great Dying that ended the Permian era 250 million years ago, says a new study. The event wiped out 90 per cent of marine

Isabella Kirkland, a painter based in California, usa, has created a series of 3-by-4-feet canvases, called Taxa, on a variety of species. The six paintings, each of which took about a year to

Diganta Narzary, a scientist at the National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, discovered a dinosaur egg fossil at Assam's Manas National Park in October 2006. amarjyoti borah talks to him

chinese researchers have unearthed a massive dinosaur fossil from the Iren Dabasu Formation of Nei Mongol in China.According to the researchers, the giant dinosaur belongs to a family of bird-like

The recent discovery of the remains of a dodo in the island of Mauritius has provided some more clues about the extinct flightless bird. The skeleton has been nicknamed