The Canadian Federal government has pledged several hundred million dollars as financial support to growers in Saskatchewan and other prairie regions affected by extremely wet weather conditions th

Meghalaya has a fragile ecosystem covering an area. The main objective of climate change action plan is to strategize adaptation and mitigation initiative towards emission stabilization and enhances the resilience of the ecosystem.

This paper explores some of the emerging issues that cities in the developing world confront as they begin to develop plans and strategies to adapt to the effects of global climate change.

As sovereign nations, Indian Tribes consistently strive to fully exercise their right of self determination and to maintain their cultural identity, often in the face of the severe economic, societal, and environmental challenges confronting them.

Climate change is generating an "unholy brew" of extreme weather events that threaten global security, the UN chief said Wednesday as the Security Council recognised the issue's potential effect on world peace.

But the 15-member council apparently failed to agree on whether climate change itself was a direct threat to international peace and security, even after a rebuke by the United States wh

The answer is probably no if you live in Abilene, Tex., where temperatures have been at or above 100 degrees for 40 days this summer. It

On the basis of a climate modelling study, Lal et al. predicted that during the winter months there will be 5–25% less rainfall and in the summer season the monsoon rainfall will be not only 10–15% more than the normal, but also quite variable and specially irregular in Central India.

National Action Plan on Climate Change emphasizes the overriding priority of maintaining high economic growth rates to raise living standards of the people and aligns the measures that promote the development objectives while also yielding co-benefits for addressing climate change effectively.

Like many countries, the UK is currently undertaking a major exercise to understand the level of risk posed by climate change, to inform the policies and measures that will need to be adopted over this century.