Research has revealed that diesel fumes could cause children to develop autism and schizophrenia +6

Air and water pollution is posing great health risk to the people residing in colonies near the industrial zone in Sectors I9 and I10, Islamabad.

Respiratory Infections Compound Dengue Woes

Several viral infections are making their presence felt among Mumbaikars, besides the killer dengue. City doctors report a surge in respiratory infections, conjunctivitis and skin rashes. What’s more, experts say many patients have reported more than one problem.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) has launched a campaign against dumping sugar mill waste in irrigation canals, lakes and natural waterways, a major cause of contamination.

Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) is the most severe form of inherited retinal visual impairment in children. So far, mutations in more than 20 genes have been known to cause LCA and among them, RPE65 is a suitable candidate for gene therapy. The mutational screenings of RPE65 and other LCA genes are requisite in support of emerging gene specific therapy for LCA. Therefore, we have carried out a comprehensive LCA genes screening using a combined approach of direct sequencing and DNA microarray based Asper chip analysis.

About a dozen villages in Dabwalitehsil of Sirsa district have threatened to launch an agitation against the pollution caused by Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, which is located in neighbouringKanakwal

Sankara Eye Foundation has 11 eye hospitals, 125 doctors & 600 paramedical professionals

An Indian eye care institution is celebrating its one millionth free eye surgery with a special ceremony on Thursday at the Churchill Dining room in the House of Commons. NRI Punjabi MP Virendra Sharma, who represents the Ealing Southall constituency in UK Parliament, has agreed to preside over the occasion.


Pune: It took almost seven months for 32-year-old Bharati to fully recover from conjunctivitis, a common eye infection. The initial redness in her eyes subsided within seven days but she continued to experience pain, irritation and blurred vision for a couple of months. Bharati’s case is not an unusual one,say doctors, who have been receiving a slew of patients where conjunctivitis - an otherwise self-limiting and harmless eye infection – has turned chronic and,in some cases,even damaged the cornea and taken as long as a few months or even a year to get cured.

For those living in darkness for decades, seeing even a faint ray of light is a cause for celebration.

There are nearly 500,000 cataract patients in Sri Lanka and between 100,000 and 150,000 patients have cataract in both eyes, Health Ministry Additional Secretary Dr Palitha Maheepala said.