BHUBANESWAR: With the industrial belt of Angul district under the grip of a suspected dengue outbreak, the State Government has gone into the damage control mode.

LUCKNOW: With 512 children succumbing to the dreaded Japanese Encephalitis/ Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Gorakhpur Medical College alone this year, the demand for a National Encephalitis Eradication Programme gets louder in eastern UP.

The deadly virus has claimed more than 10,000 lives in the belt since 2006.

KOCHI: The district Health authority reported 40.1 per cent achievement of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) against filaria on Sunday. The drugs were administered to 12,36,730 people.

In a mop up round on Monday and Tuesday, after the house-to-house distribution of the drugs on Sunday, offices in the city would be supplied with the drugs to give it to the people who were not covered at home.

Mass drug administration against the disease from December 5 to 10

Awareness rally for Mass Drug Administration against filariaris being taken out in the city on Friday

KOCHI: A rally was taken out here on Friday to create awareness about the mass drug administration against filaria to held from December 5 to 10.


Tiruvannamalai: Public health authorities in this district see the light at the end of the long tunnel as the district is moving one step closer to eradication of filariasis, with no new cases are reported since the beginning of this year.

Tiruvannamalai is one of the 13 filariasis-endemic districts in TamilNadu where National Filaria Control Programme is functioning.

Village nurses and sanitary inspectors assigned to monitor

Health department launches a poster campaign to sensitise people to preventive measures
Hospitals told to report cases of A (H1N1) flu, dengue, malaria and filariasis to health officials

TIRUCHI: The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine has launched a surveillance to monitor incidence of water borne and other communi

BHUBANESWAR: The State Health Department has started a threeday polio eradication campaign in the Capital city by way of mass administration of diethyl carbomazine (DEC) drug among the people under the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

The campaign was launched by Health Minister Prasanna Acharya by administering the dose along with albendazole at Capital Hospital here yesterday.

June 24: The district administration has constituted mandal-level teams to take preventive measures to check the outbreak of seasonal diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, malaria, filarial and jaundice in the monsoon season.

CUTTACK: Mosquito menace in the millennium city refuses to go, the harsh summer this year notwithstanding. The density of mosquitoes has been unusually high across the city despite the fact that the hot and dry conditions cause a substantial depletion in their population.

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