a huge increase in public spending on science and technology attempts to motivate Japanese researchers towards strengthening the creative research sector. The council for science and tech

Austerity measures to prop up the crumbling UN, hit by an acute financial crisis, has resulted in the unprecedented step of enrolling unpaid volunteers. This has become necessary, say UN

Pay dues, else lose your right to vote: this seems to be the current slogan of the LIN as it seeks to fight its deepening financial crisis. As a first step, it has stripped 35 countries out of

The CBI now focuses its eagle eyes on truant NGOs for alleged misuse of funds

US activists demand a say in the government's modus operandi in using funds for breast cancer research

The inevitable has happened. Budget wrangles between the Repubtican-led Congress and a steadfast Bill Clinton saw all important US government offices shut down for a week, one of

The global godfather of nations The United Nations Organization is bankrupt and counting its pennies

The United Nation's 50th anniversary celebrations in New York (October 2224) were a time of reckoning. Member nations faced the stark reality of a financially straitened UN - a total of US $3.3

As political parties, environmentalist banner-holders and indigenous industries cry themselves hoarse over the entry of the Cogentrix facility, moot ecological issues seem to take a backseat

Peer review, the long standing custodian of good science, is now being seen by many as a cabalistic exercise that assures the self interests of the scientific community. With accountability being the new mantra, Indian scientists can no longer aff