Union Budget 2001-2002.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) has been launched by Govt. of lndia for promoting urban reforms and investments in the selected 63 cities of India. Ludhiana is one of the eligible cities. CDP is a requirement to access the funds under JNNURM as per the guidelines.

The Andhra Pradesh government is giving forests that sustain tribal communities to the Reliance group of industries for plantations. That, too, with the help of joint forest management institutions. The reason may be more than fund crunch

Iridium declares bankruptcy and is forced to destroy its 66 satellites in space

The Centre plans to set up a banking institution for afforestation programmes

The Union Budget fails to make any provisions for protecting the environment.

Union Budget 2000-2001.

The government should not only increase funding for science and technology but overhaul institutions of research

Union Budget 1999-2000.

Brazil has slashed funds which it had promised to contribute towards a pilot project aimed at preserving the Amazon forests. The US $250-million-project was backed by seven leading industrial