the ngo-aids cell functioning under the Centre for Community Medicine ( ccm ) at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences was suddenly closed down after its coordinator Shankar Chowdhary

BAN on commercial felling of trees in Himachal Pradesh is yielding results. The forest cover has increased and there has been a rise in the population of endangered species like the snow leopard.

AN EXPERT team which visited Kaziranga National Park in Assam to assess the damage caused by floods reported that nearly 1,070 animals died due to starvation or were washed away. The floods led to

Union Budget 1998-1999.

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The iit s have rarely attracted poor students. So why should middle class students be subsidised? I pay my taxes to support the poor not the rich

UCASE'>: : Pakistan government has declared the flood-hit districts of Tuebat and Guwadar as a calamity-hit area. Fresh flash-floods wreaking havoc in various places continued unabated. Rescue

Why should anyone, honest or dishonest, pay an iota of money as tax to such an incompetent political and bureaucratic system?

Funding and technology cooperation in the past 17 years indicate that research and development (R&D) is becoming increasingly globalised. Foreign funding of industrial R&D in the US increased almost

britain's governing Labour party's abrupt volte-face on November 5 on the plan to ban Formula One racing sponsorship by tobacco companies has become as a major embarrassment. This was one of