To boost the stagnant demand for solar heating devices, the Union ministry of nonconventional energy sources (MNES), along with the ministry for urban development, has chalked out a scheme to make

Twenty five scientists met the Prime Minister recently and appraised him of the issues confronting scientific research in India

POLITICAL support for expensive scientific projects, plagued as they are by cost overruns, is dwindling in the US because with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the defence applications of space

The World Health Organisation has called for enhanced spending and a joint UN initiative to combat the threat of AIDS.

First, the government shook scientific institutions out of their lethargy by applying the brake on funds. Now, its asking them to tie up with industry and show profits in the global market.

Inefficient use funds, not lack of resources, is responsible for the failure of scientific departments to meet their targets, says a recent CAG report.

The CAG's audit findings on major scientific departments:

Funds for afforestation may have decreased though the finance minister has allocated Rs 40 crore more for environment.

There is a change in the pattern of funding for projects on non conventional energy sources.

The dons of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have devised a way to get around cuts imposed by the University Grants Commission's in fund allocations that threaten teaching and research programmes in