A massive project holds out no guarantee that it can make river water potable

The Indian government invests Rs 34 lakh to educate each IIT graduate. It therefore has the moral authority to get him or her to work for the country, at least for a period of five years

The Chikkapaclasolagi barrage, on the River Krishna in Karnataka, is said to be the country's first "people's dam". But having built the barrage, the local farmers now face an even bigger challenge

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15 Nov 2011


It's time the green brigade joins the banker-bashing, Occupy Wall Street movement

Another climate summit and another potential disappointment facing the green brigade. Even before it officially kick-starts, there is a widespread feeling that the Durban Summit is expected to be another brick in the collapsing climate wall. The reason this time, though, is that governments in the West are overwhelmed by the sovereign financial crisis and hence climate change mitigation action is out of the window.

Budget speech 2011-2012: Shiela Dikshit, Chief Minister, Govt of NCT of Delhi.

The Finance Ministry today signed a loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for $208 million for the third tranche of the Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Investment Program.

According to a Finance Ministry statement, this facility is for a series of loans to provide funding for four hydropower projects totalling 856 MW in Himachal Pradesh, for an amount of $800 million fr